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Refund Policy

The Enrolment Fee is non refundable, except where an applicant does not satisfy the enrolment criteria, in which case it will be refunded in full.  If a student is accepted by ECTARC and then elects not to participate in the program then the enrolment fee is non refundable.

ECTARC will offer clients refunds on fees paid in the following circumstances:
  • If program units are returned in good condition within 30 days of purchase - refund less a 20% administration fee
  • Where a student has overpaid the enrolment fee/unit charges – full refund of the difference
  • Where a program is cancelled by ECTARC – full refund
In the event that a refund is given, all refunds will be forwarded in the form of a cheque to the student within 2 weeks.